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AroCell AB: TK 210 ELISA Abstract On In-Vitro Studies Of Cancer Drugs Has Been Accepted For Presentation At The National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) UK Symposium 9/22/2017
FDA Grants Revalesio Orphan Drug Status For Als Investigational Drug RNS60 9/22/2017
Inovio Pharma (INO) dMAB Constructs Shrink Prostate Tumors And Protect Against Lethal Antibiotic-Resistant Bacterial Infection In Preclinical Studies 9/21/2017
AVROBIO Expands Rare Disease Pipeline With Gene Therapy To Treat Pompe Disease 9/21/2017
PhaseRx (PZRX) Receives Orphan Drug Designation From FDA For PRX-ASL For The Treatment Of Argininosuccinate Lyase Deficiency 9/21/2017
ProQR Therapeutics (PRQR) Presents In Vivo Proof Of Concept Data For The Axiomer RNA Editing Platform Technology 9/21/2017
No More 'Bad Fat'? A Potential Weight-Loss Treatment Could Make Fat Burn Itself, Washington University in St. Louis Study Reveals 9/20/2017
ProQR Therapeutics (PRQR) Receives Orphan Drug Designation From FDA For Drug Candidate QR-313 For Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa And Will Present Data At Two Scientific Conferences 9/19/2017
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center Release: Scientists Identify Key Regulator Of Male Fertility 9/19/2017
NYU Langone Health Release: Sex And Aggression Controlled Separately In Female Animal Brains, But Overlap In Males 9/18/2017
Avelas Biosciences' AVB-620 Shows Sensitive In Vivo Visualization Of Breast Cancer In Journal Publication 9/15/2017
Bioniz Presents Data Demonstrating The Synergistic Effects Of Cytokines IL-15 And IL-21 In Celiac Disease Pathogenesis 9/13/2017
Phrixus Pharmaceuticals Announces The First Patient With Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) To Meet The 15-Month Mark On Carmeseal-MD (Poloxamer 188 NF) 9/13/2017
CBSET Lesion Preparation Using Diamondback 360® Orbital Atherectomy System Enhances Paclitaxel Distribution In Calcified Peripheral Arteries 9/13/2017
TM3 Therapeutics Debuts With Publication Of In Vivo Proof Of Concept Data For Lead Compound In Treating Pantothenate Kinase-Associated Neurodegeneration 9/13/2017
XTL Biopharma (XTLB) Unveils Additional Expanded hCDR1 Preclinical Data For The Treatment Of Sjogren's Syndrome 9/12/2017
Zafgen (ZFGN) Presents New Preclinical Data On ZGN-1061 At The 53rd Annual Meeting Of The European Association For The Study Of Diabetes 9/12/2017
miRagen Presents New MRG-201 Preclinical Data For Inhaled Microrna-29 Mimic Targeting Pulmonary Fibrosis 9/12/2017
Attenua Announces Release Of Data Demonstrating That ATA-101 Is Antitussive In Guinea Pigs 9/11/2017
IGC’s Drug Candidate For Alzheimer’s Potentially Presents New Molecular Pathway For THC To Inhibit Aß40 Production 9/11/2017
Five Prime (FPRX) Presents Preclinical Research Data On Novel B7-H4 Therapeutic Antibody At ESMO 2017 Congress 9/11/2017
Innate Pharma (IPH.PA ) Release: New Preclinical Data Further Strengthen The Rationale Of IPH5401 And Monalizumab 9/11/2017
Arsanis Presents Preclinical Data On Lead Product Candidate, ASN100, At The “2017 ASM/ESCMID Conference On Drug Development To Meet The Challenge Of Antimicrobial Resistance” 9/8/2017
Biophytis Clinical Stage Drug-Candidate Sarconeos Demonstrates Efficacy In Preclinical Models Of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy 9/8/2017
Idera Pharma (IDRA) Presents Pre-Clinical Data From IMO-2125 Treatment In Combination With Ipilimumab That Demonstrates Induction Of Durable Anti-Tumor Responses Associated With Tumor-Specific Memory 9/8/2017
Viking Therapeutics (VKTX) Announces Presentation Of Data From In Vivo Proof-Of-Concept Study Of VK2809 In Glycogen Storage Disease Ia (GSD Ia) At The 13th International Congress Of Inborn Errors Of Metabolism (ICIEM) 9/7/2017
Forge Therapeutics And Evotec AG (EVTG.F) Present Efficacy Data For LpxC Inhibitor In Urinary Tract, Lung, Thigh, And Abdominal Infection Models At ASM ESCMID 2017 9/7/2017
Synlogic Presents New Preclinical Data At International Congress Of Inborn Errors Of Metabolism 9/7/2017
Valerion Therapeutics, LLC Presents Preclinical Proof-Of-Concept Data For VAL-0417 For The Treatment Of Lafora Disease 9/6/2017
MiNA Announces Publication Of Pre-Clinical Data Supporting On-Target Mechanism Of Action Of Clinical Candidate MTL-CEBPA 9/6/2017
Tikcro Technologies Announces Full Human CTLA-4 Blocking Antibodies 9/6/2017
Poseida Therapeutics Presents Novel BCMA-Specific CAR-T Therapy At CAR-TCR Summit 9/6/2017
PKU: Pre-Clinical Kinetic Data Showing Prolonged Release Of Amino Acids Thanks To The Innovative Physiomimic Technology By APR Applied Pharma Research S.A. Presented At The 13th ICIEM Congress (September 5th-8th, Rio De Janeiro) 9/5/2017
CytoSorbents Highlights Important Research Advances In Traumatic Brain Injury, Hemorrhagic Shock, And Severe Hyperkalemia At The Military Health System Research Symposium 9/5/2017
Gold Nanoparticles Fry Cancer On Glowing Mice, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus Reveals 9/1/2017
ERYtech Pharma To Present Pre-Clinical Data At The 13th International Congress Of Inborn Errors Of Metabolism 9/1/2017
Taconic Biosciences Sponsors Custom Model To Support Kabuki Syndrome, A Rare Disorder Causing Intellectual Disability 9/1/2017
PepVax Begins Efficacy Study For Lead Candidate 9/1/2017
Tactiva Therapeutics To Present Positive Data On Novel Dual CD4/CD8 T Cell Receptor In Preclinical Models Of Cancer At Biocentury's 24th Annual Newsmakers Conference 8/31/2017
Preclinical Data Published In Peer-Reviewed Journal Stem Cells Translational Medicine Provides Scientific Framework For Asterias Biotherapeutics’ AST-OPC1 For The Treatment Of Subacute Cervical Spinal Cord Injury 8/30/2017
GeoVax Labs (GOVX.OB) Presents Preliminary Data For Cancer Vaccine 8/30/2017
Forge Therapeutics And Evotec AG (EVTG.F) To Present Preclinical Data On Novel Antibiotic Program At 2017 ASM/ESCMID Conference 8/29/2017
Poxel (POXEL.PA) Presents New Preclinical Imeglimin Data Demonstrating Improvement Of Both Peripheral And Coronary Vascular Function At The European Society of Cardiology Congress 8/28/2017
Aileron Therapeutics Announces Presentation Of Preclinical Data With ALRN-6924 At The International Society Of Experimental Hematology Annual Scientific Meeting 8/24/2017
Novavax (NVAX)’ Preclinical Influenza Nanoparticle Study Published In Vaccine 8/23/2017
Argenx Announces Publication In Nature Medicine Of Preclinical Data Supporting The Therapeutic Potential Of SIMPLE Antibodytm ARGX-116 For The Treatment Of Dyslipidemia 8/23/2017
Positive Data From Cynata MSCs In Second Preclinical Asthma Study 8/23/2017
Arena (ARNA) To Present Additional Pre-Clinical Data On Ralinepag For Treatment Of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension At European Society Of Cardiology Congress 8/22/2017
TrovaGene (TROV)'s PLK1 Inhibitor PCM-075, In Preclinical AML Data, Significantly Enhances The Efficacy Of A FLT3 Inhibitor In Combination Therapy 8/16/2017
Saniona's Partner, Luc Therapeutics, Nominates Clinical Candidate And Initiates Preclinical Development In Joint Ataxia Program 8/14/2017
RXi Pharma (RXII) Advances Immuno-Oncology Pipeline By Selecting Two sd-rxRNA Compounds For Preclinical Development And Sourcing cGMP Manufacturing 8/8/2017
Zika Virus Mouse Pregnancy Model Now Available At IIT Research Institute For Preclinical Vaccine And Antiviral Studies 8/8/2017
AGTC (AGTC) Release: Research Published In Molecular Therapy Identifies Optimal Gene-Based Therapeutic Construct For X-Linked Retinitis Pigmentosa 8/7/2017
AGTC (AGTC) Announces U.S. FDA Orphan Drug Designation for Gene Therapy to Treat X-Linked Retinitis Pigmentosa 8/4/2017
Renova Therapeutics Release: PLOS ONE Publishes Results Of Cardiac-Directed Catalytically Inactive AC6 In Mice After Sustained ß-Adrenergic Stimulation 8/3/2017
Sirnaomics Leading siRNA Therapeutic Candidate, STP705, Granted Orphan Designation For The Treatment Of Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC) 8/1/2017
Crown Bioscience Launches Innovative Inflammatory Disease Models To Advance Pre-Clinical Research 8/1/2017
Massachusetts’ Homology Medicines Snags $83.5M to Advance AMEnDR into Human Trials 8/1/2017
Brain Cells Found To Control Aging, Albert Einstein College of Medicine Study Reveals 7/27/2017
Sarepta (SRPT) Announces Its Partner, Genethon, Published New Micro-Dystrophin Gene Therapy Data In Nature Communications 7/27/2017
Creative Medical Technology Demonstrates AmnioStem Derived Exosomes Inhibit Glioma Growth 7/26/2017
Experimental Biology and Medicine Release: Gene Therapy To Correct Surfactant Protein B Deficiency In Newborns 7/26/2017
Luxcel Biosciences Announce Further EU H2020 Success With €1.5million Award And Rapid Expansion Plans 7/26/2017
Midatech: Completion Of Pre-Clinical Liver Cancer Programme 7/26/2017
Zander Therapeutics, Inc. Reports Research Demonstrating Ex-Vivo Immune Suppression Of IL-17a And IL-2 In Dogs With Novel NR2F6 Activators 7/26/2017
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center Release: Scientists Propose Novel Therapy To Lessen Risk Of Obesity-Linked Disease 7/25/2017
Regen BioPharma Research Demonstrates Ex-Vivo Immune Suppression With Novel NR2F6 Activators 7/25/2017
NantKwest Announces Publication Of Preclinical Data Of Hank Cell Therapy In Combination With Checkpoint Inhibitor Avelumab Providing Strong Rationale For Advancement To Human Clinical Trials 7/25/2017
H3 Biomedicine And University of British Columbia Scientists Report Preclinical Data Describing Immune Evasion Mechanism In Muscle-Invasive Bladder Cancer 7/24/2017
TRANSGENE (ENX:TNG) Announces Cancer Research Publication Confirming The Potential Of Its Next Generation Armed Engineered Oncolytic Virus 7/24/2017
Samumed Successfully Completes Phase I Study For Potential Topical Treatment For Chronic Tendinopathy 7/21/2017
Angle: Preclinical Study Presented At Tumor Boston Summit 7/20/2017
Preclinical Study Using Parsortix, Inc. Presented At Tumor Models Boston Summit 7/20/2017
Ra Pharma (RARX) Announces Publication Of Positive Preclinical Data With RA101295 For The Treatment Of Escherichia Coli Sepsis 7/20/2017
Regenacy Pharma Presents Data Demonstrating That HDAC1,2 Inhibition Improved Cognitive Function In Mouse Models Of Alzheimer's Disease At The Alzheimer’s Association International Conference 7/20/2017
Alpha Tau Medical Secures Second Funding Round To Treat Solid Tumors With Alpha Radiation 7/19/2017
ProMis Neurosciences Presents At AAIC 2017 Data From Alzheimer's Disease Program 7/19/2017
Axovant (AXON) Release: New Preclinical Data For Intepirdine Suggests Potential Neuroprotective Properties 7/19/2017
PathPartner Technology Contributes To Arthromeda's Successful Preclinical Study Of Arthrosight-PS Hip Alignment Navigation System 7/19/2017
Vitality Biopharma Releases Positive Results For Treatment Of Inflammatory Bowel Disease 7/19/2017
Regenacy Pharma Presents Data Demonstrating That HDAC1,2 Inhibition Improved Cognitive Function In Mouse Models Of Alzheimer's Disease At The Alzheimer’s Association International Conference 7/19/2017
Amgen (AMGN) And Array BioPharma (ARRY) Announce Preclinical License And Collaboration Agreement In Inflammation 7/18/2017
Kitov (KTOV) Announces Results Of Study Demonstrating NT-219 Enhanced Efficacy Of Keytruda In Immune-Oncology Preclinical Model 7/18/2017
EIP Pharma Announces Presentation Of New Positive Clinical Data With Neflamapimod (VX-745) At Alzheimer's Association International Conference (AAIC) 7/18/2017
Proclara Presents New Preclinical Data Supporting The Development Of NPT189 At Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (AAIC) 2017 7/18/2017
Renova Therapeutics Release: Urocortin 2 Gene Transfer Increases Glucose Disposal And Insulin Sensitivity In Type 2 Diabetes 7/18/2017
New Evidence Of Sutro Biopharma ADC's Potency In Human Tumor Xenografts 7/17/2017
Voyager Therapeutics (VYGR) Announces Publication From The California Institute of Technology Of A Second-Generation Gene Therapy Capsid Demonstrating Further Enhanced Gene Transfer To The Brain 7/17/2017
StemSynergy Therapeutics Announces Breakthrough In Colorectal Cancer Drug Development 7/14/2017
PureTech Presents Data Supporting Treatment Approach For Interstitial Cystitis/Bladder Pain Syndrome Based On Novel Alivio Inflammation-Targeting Technology 7/13/2017
Syndax Release: Preclinical Results Support Entinostat's Role In Targeting The Tumor Microenvironment To Enhance Immune Checkpoint Therapy 7/12/2017
QR Pharma Presents New Data On Posiphen In Down Syndrome At The Alzheimer's Disease International Conference (AAIC 2017 London) 7/12/2017
ChemOn Inc Selects Instem To Help Automate Preclinical Processes And Meet Growing Demand For SEND 7/11/2017
Morphotek Announces Publication Uncovering One Of The Mechanisms By Which The Tumor-Produced CA125 Protein Suppresses Immune-Mediated Killing Via Farletuzumab 7/11/2017
NanoViricides, Inc. (NNVC.PK) Reports Its Drug Candidates Significantly Reduced The Extent Of Shingles Virus Infection Of Human Skin 7/10/2017
Nektar Therapeutics (NKTR) Presents New Preclinical Data For NKTR-358, A First-In-Class Regulatory T Cell Stimulator, At 13th World Congress Of Inflammation In London 7/10/2017
Scholar Rock And The Miami Project To Cure Paralysis Present Preclinical Data Demonstrating Therapeutic Potential Of SRK-015 In Spinal Cord Injury At 35th Annual National Neurotrauma Symposium 7/10/2017
Max BioPharma Announces Key Update To Its Oxysterol Therapeutics Development Program 7/10/2017
Sirona Biochem Announces Positive Efficacy Results For Skin Lightener Library 7/6/2017
Inovio Pharma (INO)’s DNA-Based Monoclonal Antibody Platform Achieves Further Proof-Of-Principle Validation 7/6/2017
Crown Bioscience Demonstrates Scientific Advancements In Metabolic Disease With A Validated And Improved Translatable Model For Obesity And Type 2 Diabetes Drug Discovery 7/6/2017
Onxeo Announces Positive Preclinical Proof Of Concept Results Confirming AsiDNA Activity via Systemic Administration 7/5/2017
ObsEva (OBSV) Announces Presentations Related To Its Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) And Pre-Term Labor (PTL) Development Programs At ESHRE 2017 Annual Meeting 6/29/2017
Abeona Therapeutics Receives FDA Orphan Drug Designation For ABO-201 Juvenile Batten Disease Gene Therapy Program 6/29/2017
Elephants Rarely Get Cancer and Why That’s Good News for Pet Owners and Us 6/28/2017
Mateon Therapeutics (MATN) Announces New Interim Preclinical Data On CA4P In Combination With Checkpoint Inhibitors 6/28/2017
Vaccine To Slow Cancer Growth Closer To Human Trials, University of Sydney Reveals 6/28/2017
Moleculin Biotech (MBRX) Announces Scientific Support For Research Endeavor At Mayo Clinic 6/26/2017
Verseon (VSN.L) Reveals Preclinical Data On Novel Drug Candidates To Treat Diabetic Macular Edema 6/26/2017
Dermira (DERM) Release: Newly Published Nonclinical Data Highlight The Role Of Olumacostat Glasaretil In Sebum Inhibition 6/26/2017
Catalyst Biosciences Announces Achievement Of Stable Normal Factor IX Blood Levels In A Preclinical Subcutaneous Dosing Model 6/26/2017
FDA Grants Conatus Pharma Orphan Drug Designation For IDN-7314 For The Treatment Of PSC 6/26/2017
Smithers Avanza Poster Confirms The Guinea Pig Model For Preclinical Vaccine Safety Testing 6/23/2017
European Hematology Association: Delayed Exposure To Common Infections Causes Acute Leukemia Of Childhood 6/23/2017
Recce (RCE) Constructs Automated Manufacturing Facility To Support Clinical Trials 6/22/2017
Inventiva Announces Peer Review Publication Of IVA337 Data In Pre-Clinical NASH Models 6/22/2017
NovellusDx Announced Today The Completion Of The First Phase Of An In-Vitro Study Of BioMed Valley Discoveries' BVD523 6/21/2017
Celyad Publishes Additional Pre-Clinical Data In Support Of THINK Trial 6/21/2017
Want To Speed Biomedical Research? Do It In Dog Years 6/20/2017
twoXAR Announces Preclinical Proof-Of-Concept Data On Type 2 Diabetes Candidate 6/20/2017
Argenx Receives Second Preclinical Milestone Payment In Collaboration With LEO Pharma 6/20/2017
NanoBio Corporation And Porton Biopharma Receive Approval To Advance Next Generation Anthrax Vaccine 6/19/2017
Biostage Announces Positive Preclinical Data Of Cellspan Esophageal Implant Presented At The International Society For Stem Cell Research 2017 Annual Meeting 6/19/2017
Nuevolution Presents Additional Positive Animal Results In Lupus From Its BET Selective Program 6/19/2017
Complementary Preclinical Studies Published In Neuro-Oncology Demonstrate Immune Activation Mechanism Of Tocagen's Toca 511 & Toca FC 6/19/2017
Biopact's MGMR Drug Delivery Technology Succeeds In Mitigating Side Effects Of Doxorubicin While Retaining Anti-Cancer Efficacy In Lymphoma And Metastasis Mouse Models 6/15/2017
New Study Further Demonstrates In Vitro Activity Of SCYNEXIS, Inc. (SCYX)’ Lead Anti-Infective Candidate, SCY-078, Against Drug-Resistant Candida Fungal Strains 6/15/2017
AGTC (AGTC) Release: IND-Enabling Study Data Published In Human Gene Therapy Clinical Development Support Clinical Development Of AGTC-402 For The Treatment Of CNGA3-Deficient Achromatopsia 6/15/2017
SQZ Biotech Named A 2017 Technology Pioneer And Gives Corporate Update 6/15/2017
OSE Immunotherapeutics Presents Positive Preclinical Results And Human Ex Vivo Data For OSE-127 (Effi-7) To Support Next Clinical Applications In Inflammatory Bowel Diseases At The Federation Of Clinical Immunology Societies (FOCIS) Conference 6/15/2017
uniQure (QURE) Publishes Data Further Demonstrating Favorable Immunogenicity Profile And Broad Utilization Of AAV5-Based Gene Therapies 6/15/2017
RASRx Receives Orphan Drug Designation From FDA 6/15/2017
This Man Wants To Sell You A $300 ‘Fasting Diet’ To Prolong Your Life—And It Might Not Be As Crazy As It Sounds 6/14/2017
Kura Oncology Presents Preliminary Clinical And Preclinical Data For Tipifarnib In The Treatment Of Relapsed Or Refractory Peripheral T-Cell Lymphoma 6/14/2017
Alpine Immune Sciences Announces Presentation Of Preclinical Data Showing Potency Of Its First-Generation Dual ICOS And CD28 Antagonist Vigds In An Animal Model 6/14/2017
TCR2 Therapeutics Presents Positive Solid Tumor Data For Its Novel TRuC Engineered T Cell Therapies At The World Preclinical Congress 6/13/2017
Drug Candidates Developed Using Zymeworks’ Azymetric Platform Nominated For Late-Stage, Preclinical Development By Eli Lilly (LLY) 6/12/2017
ProMetic Life Sci (PFSCF.PK) Release: New Data Presented By Prometic At American Diabetes Association's Scientific Sessions Validates PBI-4050's Positive Impact On Kidneys In Patients With Diabetes And Metabolic Syndrome 6/12/2017
Alligator Bioscience Advances 4-1BB Immuno-Oncology Antibody ATOR-1017 To Pre-Clinical Development 6/12/2017
Catabasis (CATB) Presents New Data For CAT-5571 As A Novel Potential Oral Treatment For Cystic Fibrosis At The 40th European Cystic Fibrosis Society Conference 6/9/2017
CureDuchenne Continues To Support Research For Duplication Mutations In Duchenne With Dr. Flanigan From Nationwide Children’s Hospital, And With A Coalition Of Families Impacted By The Disease 6/9/2017
Mithra Pharmaceuticals Receives Orphan Drug Designation From EMA For E4 In Neonatal Encephalopathy 6/9/2017
The Jackson Laboratory Release: Genetically Diverse Mouse Populations Reveal Secrets Of The Genome 6/9/2017
CBSET Expands Its Preclinical Research Services By Adding GLP-Compliant Cell-Based-Therapies Support Capability 6/8/2017
A Method To Improve In Vitro Tests, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne Study Reveals 6/7/2017
GeoVax Labs Inc. (GOVX.OB) Presents Data On Novel Zika Vaccine 6/7/2017
NanoViricides, Inc. (NNVC.PK) Reports Excellent Inhibitory Effects Of Its Topical Shingles Treatment Candidates Against VZV In Multiple Cell Culture Studies 6/7/2017
Inovio Pharma (INO) Zika Vaccine Prevents Persistence Of Virus And Damage In Male Reproductive Tract In Pre-Clinical Study 6/7/2017
Spring Bank Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Provides Update On Its Next-Generation STING Platform And Announces Publication Of An Abstract At ASCO Related To Its Lead STING Agonist Candidate, SB 11285 6/7/2017
ASLAN Announces New Positive Data Identifying ASLAN003 As A Novel Therapeutic Agent In Acute Myeloid Leukaemia 6/7/2017
Acorda (ACOR) Presenting New Tozadenant Data At 2017 MDS Congress 6/6/2017
AstraZeneca PLC (AZN) Presents Tagrisso (Osimertinib) Data In Patients With EGFR T790M-Mutation Positive Lung Cancer And Central Nervous System Metastases 6/6/2017
Affimed (AFMD) Presents Data On First-In-Class BCMA-Targeting Immune Cell Engager AFM26 At ASCO Annual Meeting 2017 6/6/2017
Viking Therapeutics (VKTX) Announces Promising Top Line Results From In Vivo Study Of VK2809 In Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH) 6/6/2017
Forge Therapeutics And Evotec AG (EVTG.F) Present First Efficacy Data For LpxC Inhibitor In UTI Model At ASM Microbe 2017 6/5/2017
Zavante Therapeutics Reports ZOLYD Broad Spectrum Activity And Synergy With Multiple Antibiotics; In Vitro Studies Presented At ASM Microbe 2017 Meeting 6/5/2017
Theravance Biopharma (TBPH) Release: New Data Highlighting In Vitro Potency Advantages For VIBATIV (Telavancin) Against Difficult-To-Treat MRSA And MSSA Pathogens Reported At ASM Microbe 2017 6/5/2017
Compugen Ltd. (CGEN) Presents At ASCO COM701 Drug Combination Data With TIGIT And PD-1 Inhibitors In Preclinical Models 6/5/2017
Summit Therapeutics Presents Positive New Preclinical Data On Novel CDI Antibiotic Ridinilazole At ASM Microbe 2017 6/5/2017
GangaGen, Inc. Presents New Preclinical Data On P128 Showing Broad Efficacy Against Drug-Resistant Bacteria At ASM Microbe 2017 6/5/2017
Hennepin Life Sciences Presents Pre-Clinical Data Showing Anti-Microbial Activity Of Glycerol Monolaurate In Preventing And Treating Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections 6/5/2017
Arthromeda Completes Successful Preclinical Studies And Closes Funding For Its Arthrosight Patient-Specific Navigation Platform 6/1/2017
Small Study Finds Fatal Flaw In Gene Editing Tool CRISPR, Columbia University Medical Center Reveals 6/1/2017
How A High-Fat Diet In Childhood May Wire The Brain For Addiction, eNeuro Reveals 6/1/2017
H3 Biomedicine’s Preclinical Data Highlighting Novel Discovery Research Around Splicing Modulators Published In Current Issue Of Nature Communications 6/1/2017
Cyteir Therapeutics Announces Study Showing RAD51 Modulators Protect Diabetic Mice From Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) 6/1/2017
Researchers Closer To Cracking Neural Code Of Love, Emory University Study Reveals 6/1/2017
New Preclinical Data On Can-Fite BioPharma (CFBI)'s Namodenoson To Be Presented At 1st International Conference On Fatty Liver In Seville, Spain On June 2, 2017 6/1/2017
Innovus Pharma Announces Positive Pre-Clinical Synergistic Effects Of Vesele In Combination With Sildenafil (Viagra) On Nitric Oxide Production 6/1/2017
Voyager Therapeutics (VYGR) Selects Lead Clinical Candidate For Huntington’s Disease 6/1/2017
CRISPR (CRSP), Editas Medicine (EDIT) and Intellia Fall as Scientific Paper Warns of Unintended Mutations Linked to Gene-Editing 6/1/2017
Poxel (POXEL.PA) To Present New Preclinical Imeglimin Data On Protective Benefits From Diabetic Cardiomyopathy At American Diabetes Association Meeting 5/30/2017
Sleep Deprivation May Cause Brain To Eat Itself, Marche Polytechnic University Study Reveals 5/30/2017
Akcea Therapeutics Announces Publication In The New England Journal of Medicine Of Data With AKCEA-ANGPTL3-L Rx Showing Favorable Cardiometabolic Effects 5/25/2017
Phoenix Molecular Designs Announces New Preclinical Data For Targeted Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) Therapy 5/25/2017
Entest Biomedical, Inc. Subsidiary Zander Therapeutics, Inc. Discusses Developments In Medicinal Chemistry For Veterinary Applications Of Cancer And Autoimmune Therapies Through Modulation Of Checkpoint NR2F6 5/24/2017
NeuroVive (NVP) To Continue Neurostat Clinical Development After Positive Outcome In Preclinical And Clinical TBI Studies 5/23/2017
Evotec AG (EVTG.F) Receives Pre-Clinical Milestone As Part Of Its Endometriosis Alliance With Bayer (BAY) 5/22/2017
Attune Announces Positive Data From Recent Pre-Clinical Studies For ATN-249, An Oral Plasma Kallikrein Inhibitor For The Treatment Of HAE At C1-INH Deficiency Workshop 5/22/2017
GangaGen, Inc. To Present New Preclinical Data On P128 At American Society of Microbiology Microbe 2017 5/22/2017
ArQule (ARQL) To Present Preclinical Data For BTK Inhibitor, ARQ 531, At The 22nd Annual Congress Of European Hematology Association 5/18/2017
Organovo (ONVO) Presents New Preclinical Data On 3D Bioprinted Human Liver Tissues At World Advanced Therapies And Regenerative Medicine Congress 5/18/2017
Mice With 3D-Printed Ovaries Successfully Give Birth, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine Reveals 5/18/2017
Three Abstracts On Dosing Regimens Of Cellectar Biosciences  (CLRB)’s CLR 131 In A Variety Of Tumor Types Published In The 2017 ASCO Annual Meeting Proceedings 5/18/2017
MR Solutions Ltd. Brings Preclinical MRI To World Preclinical Congress In Boston 5/17/2017
Endonovo Evaluating Therapeutic Potential Of Non-Invasive Electroceutical For Treatment Of Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH) 5/16/2017
Galapagos (GLPG.BR) Release: Seven Abstracts On Filgotinib Accepted By EULAR 2017 5/16/2017
Homology Medicines Presents Data Demonstrating Highly Efficient, On-Target In Vivo Gene Editing Capabilities Of Its Novel Human-Derived Adeno-Associated Virus Vectors 5/15/2017
Axim Biotech Clinical Study To Develop Bioequivalent Product To Marinol Listed On Clinicaltrials.Gov 5/15/2017
Isarna Therapeutics Presents Positive Clinical Data For ISTH0036 In Advanced Glaucoma And Preclinical Data Supportive Of AMD/DME Potential At ARVO 2017 Annual Conference 5/15/2017
Tactiva Therapeutics Presents Positive Data On Novel Dual CD4/CD8 T Cell Receptor In Preclinical Models Of Cancer 5/15/2017
Editas Medicine (EDIT) Demonstrates First Achievement Of In Vivo Editing In Non-Human Primate Retinas 5/15/2017
Intellia Announces Progress With CRISPR/Cas9 At The American Society Of Gene & Cell Therapy Annual Meeting 5/15/2017
Pharmaleads Reports Positive Ocular Pain Results With PL265, A Novel Dual Enkephalinase Inhibitor (DENKI), At The Association for Research in Vision & Ophthalmology 2017 Annual Meeting 5/12/2017
Solid Biosciences Release: New Preclinical Data Support SGT-001 As A Novel Treatment Approach For Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy 5/12/2017
TRACON Pharma (TCON) Announces Publication In Blood Of Preclinical Data Indicating Activity Of TRC105 In Acute Myeloid Leukemia And B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia 5/12/2017
NYU Langone Medical Center Release: Rodents With Trouble Walking Reveal Potential Treatment Approach For Most Common Joint Disease 5/11/2017
Kadmon To Present Clinical And Preclinical Data Highlighting The Role Of ROCK2 Signaling In Immune System Function At AAI Annual Meeting 5/11/2017
Editas Medicine (EDIT) Announces Pre-Clinical Data For Program To Treat Sickle Cell Disease And Beta-Thalassemia 5/11/2017
Potent In Vitro Activity Of SCYNEXIS, Inc. (SCYX)’ SCY-078 Against Multidrug-Resistant Fungal Pathogen Candida Auris Further Confirmed In An In Vitro Study Conducted By The CDC 5/11/2017