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Medical Dev. & Diag. - Chapter 7, 11
San Diego's Sotera Wireless Materializes From Bankruptcy With $32 Million 7/27/2017
Bankruptcy Court Approves Unilife  (UNIS)'s Asset Deals to Eliminate $40 Million+ of Debt 7/26/2017
Jawbone is Being Liquidated as Its CEO Launches New Health Startup 7/7/2017
Court Approves Halt Medical's Ch. 11 Asset Sale 6/8/2017
Investors Accuse Theranos of Threatening to File for Bankruptcy If They Didn't Give Up Their Right to Sue 4/21/2017
It's Officially the End of the Road for Massachusetts Biotech Nuclea Biotechnologies 4/20/2017
Shutdown Looming: Unilife  (UNIS) Files for Chapter 11 4/12/2017
NovoSource, Inc. Heads to Bankruptcy Auction Late Spring 3/8/2017
LensAR Files for Chapter 11 With Support From PDL BioPharma (PDLI) 12/19/2016
Implant Sciences (IMX) Files for Chapter 11 With Deal to Sell to L-3 for $117.5 Million 10/12/2016
SoCal's Sotera Wireless Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy 10/10/2016
Falcon Genomics Bankruptcy Underlines Pittsburgh Venture Capital Weakness 9/7/2016
SynCardia Artificial Heart to Emerge From Chapter 11 Reorganization With New Owner On September 16, 2016 8/16/2016
SynCardia Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy 7/6/2016
Bay Area's KineMed Files for Chapter 11, Owes $1 Million+ to NIH, Gates and Others 5/16/2016
Court Approves Nuo Therapeutics's Bankruptcy Plan 3/30/2016
Palmaz Scientific Fights Fraud Charges After Bankruptcy Filing 3/18/2016
Palmaz Scientific Files for Chapter 11, Seeks Buyers for Breakthrough Technology 3/7/2016
Atherotech Diagnostics Lab Ceases Operations After 20 Years of Business 3/1/2016
Nuo Therapeutics Files for Chapter 11 1/27/2016
TranS1 Emerges from Bankruptcy with Lead Product AxiaLIF 11/17/2015
Cardiac Science (CSCX) Files for Chapter 11 10/21/2015
Cancer Genetics (CGIX) Receives Bankruptcy Court Approval To Purchase Los Angeles-Based Response Genetics 10/2/2015
Cambridge Endo: Bankruptcy Notice Of Sale Of Assets 9/29/2015
Company Run by St. Jude Medical (STJ) Founder Officially Shuts Down 9/24/2015
Cambridge Endoscopic Devices Files for Chapter 11 9/8/2015
Response Genetics Files for Chapter 11, Snapped Up By Cancer Genetics (CGIX) 8/10/2015
Kips Bay Medical to Wind Down Ops 6/29/2015
Health Diagnostic Laboratory Files For Chapter 11 6/10/2015
IMRIS Files For Chapter 11, Seeks Sale 5/27/2015
Grove Instruments Files for Bankruptcy 4/17/2015
NuOrtho Surgical Files for Bankruptcy; Ex-Employees Seek $2.1 Million In Unpaid Wages 2/27/2015
Baxano Files For Chapter 11, CFO Steps Down 11/13/2014
DynaVox Intermediate, LLC, Files For Chapter 11 4/9/2014
Rotech Healthcare Inc. (ROHI) Successfully Completes Financial Restructuring and Emerges From Chapter 11 9/30/2013
ContextVision AB: Sapheneia Files for Bankruptcy 9/11/2013
Medical Supplier LaamScience Dissolves After $361K Loan From Biotech Center 8/12/2013
Artimplant Applies for Its Own Bankruptcy 8/1/2013
Imaging3, Inc. Announces Chapter 11 Reorganization Plan Confirmed 5/30/2013
Microphage Inc. Seeks Bankruptcy Protection 1/4/2013
Bankruptcy Judge Approves Gamma Medica’s DIP Financing 10/4/2012
MedCath Corporation (MDTH) Dissolving Company 9/25/2012
Imaging3, Inc. Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy 9/18/2012
Nutra Pharma Corp. (NPHC) Faces Involuntary Bankruptcy 9/5/2012
Hartland Wipes Manufacturer Triad Files for Bankruptcy 8/15/2012
Otologics Files for Bankruptcy 7/31/2012
HemCon Medical Technologies, Inc. Files for Chapter 11 Business Reorganization 4/11/2012
CDEX Inc. (CEXI.OB) Files for Chapter 11 2/13/2012
Waverx Goes Under After FDA-Weary Investors Pull the Plug 8/22/2011
Transdel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (TDLP.OB) Files for Chapter 11, Agrees to Sell Lead Drug Candidate to Cardium Therapeutics, Inc. (CXM) 6/28/2011
LeMaitre Vascular, Inc. to Shut CA Plant; to Stop Sale of Aortic Stent Grafts 5/24/2011
delSECUR Corporation Announces Distribution of Its Asset to Lenders 5/23/2011
Medical Imaging Firm, Photologic Goes into Liquidation 4/25/2011
NMT Medical, Inc (NMTI) Says to Liquidate Assets 4/21/2011
ReGen Biologics, Inc. (RGBI) Files for Bankruptcy 4/12/2011
Angiotech Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ANPI) Announces U.S. Chapter 15 Filings in Connection with Previously Announced CCAA Proceedings 2/1/2011
Canada's Angiotech Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ANPI) to File for Bankruptcy 1/28/2011
NovaVision, Inc.'s FDA-Cleared Visual Restoration Therapy (VRT) System and Company Assets Now Available 7/19/2010
BC Tech Inc. Closes, Files for Bankruptcy 6/9/2010
Nyer Medical Group, Inc. (NYER) Announces Liquidating Distribution 5/13/2010
Bankruptcy Court Approved the Management Incentive Plan for Vermillion Directors 4/16/2010
Medical Equipment Firm Eigen Files for Bankruptcy 4/5/2010
CCS Medical Completes Financial Restructuring and Emerges From Chapter 11 4/1/2010
CCS Medical Bankruptcy Hits Milestone 3/12/2010
CCS Medical to Pursue Plan of Reorganization; Hearing for Plan Approval Scheduled with the United States Bankruptcy Court 2/17/2010
Vermillion Emerges From Bankruptcy 1/25/2010
Luna Innovations Inc. Emerges from Chapter 11 Reorganization 1/13/2010
Haemacure Corporation (HAE) Files Notice of Intention to Make a Proposal to Creditors 1/11/2010
Court Approves Vermillion's Plan of Reorganization 1/8/2010
Vermillion Unsecured Creditors Approve Proposed Plan of Reorganization 1/6/2010
VC-Backed Bust: HyperMed, Inc. Files for Bankruptcy 1/4/2010
TLC Vision Corp. (TLC) to Restructure Debt in Pre-Arranged Chapter 11 Filing 12/21/2009
Luna Innovations Inc. Could Emerge from Bankruptcy as Early as January 12 12/21/2009
ART Advanced Research Technologies Inc. (ARA.TO) Announces Completion of Restructuring Process With Implementation of its Proposal Filed Under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act 12/15/2009
ART Advanced Research Technologies Inc. (ARA.TO) Announces Court Approval of Its Proposal Filed Under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act 12/10/2009
Vermillion Files Amended Plan of Reorganization and Exchanges Debt 12/7/2009
CCS Medical Wins Approval from Bankruptcy Court for Its Chapter 11 Asset Sale Bidding Procedures 12/1/2009
Vermillion Files Plan of Reorganization with the United States Bankruptcy Court 11/25/2009
CCS Medical Urges Creditors To Work Out Solution 11/3/2009
Archus Orthopedics, Inc., Spine Device Maker that Raised $60M, Shuts Down Amid Cash Crunch 9/4/2009
Anti-Acne Company, Therative Heads To Chapter 7 In Latest Aesthetics Blow 8/27/2009
Adaltis Inc. (ADS.TO) Files for Bankruptcy in Canada 8/5/2009
CCS Medical Holdings Reaches Agreement to Restructure Debt 7/8/2009
Innovative Spinal Technologies Inc. Goes Bust 6/3/2009
Xtent Inc. (XTNT) Board Approves Liquidation 5/18/2009
Nanogen, Inc. (NGEN) Files for Chapter 11, to Sell Assets to Elitech 5/15/2009
VC-Backed Aspen Medtech Shuts Down 5/8/2009
Vermillion Files a Voluntary Petition for Reorganization Relief Under Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code 4/2/2009
Zila (ZILA) Might File Chapter 11 After Cutting Costs 3/19/2009
Arbios Systems (ABOS) Announces Intent to File a Reorganization Plan 3/17/2009
North American Scientific Inc. (NASI) Files for Chapter 11 Reorganization and Signs New Agreement to Divest Prostate Brachytherapy Product Line 3/12/2009
Chad Therapeutics, Inc. (CTU) Files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy 2/23/2009
Arbios Systems (ABOS) Announces It Has Voluntarily Filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection 1/12/2009
Northstar Neuroscience, Inc. Announces Approval of Plan of Liquidation and Dissolution by Board of Directors 1/5/2009
Scantek Medical, Inc. (SKML) Files for Chapter 11 Voluntary Bankruptcy and Receives Orders for the Sale of BreastCare(TM) 1/2/2009
MonoGen Inc. Announces Assignment and Filing for the Benefit of Creditors 1/2/2009
Notice to Shareholders Regarding the Results of a Court Application For an Order for Reorganization of ViRexx Medical Corp. (VIR.V) 12/12/2008
ARTES Medical Inc. (ARTE) Files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy 12/2/2008
ARTES Medical Inc. (ARTE) Says May Explore Liquidation; Reduces Workforce to Fewer Than 15 Employees 11/21/2008
ProxyMed Files for Chapter 11 Reorganization 7/24/2008
Diomed Holdings, Inc. (DIO) Files Petition Under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code, Seeks Sale of U.S. Business to biolitec AG 3/14/2008
OMI Medical Imaging, Inc. and Affiliated Companies File Chapter 11 Reorganization 1/17/2008
InSight Health Services Holdings Corp Emerges from Chapter 11 8/2/2007