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Biotech/Pharma - Chapter 7, 11
Effective Today: Cancer Biotech ImMAGE (IMMG) Shutters Operations 9/1/2017
Enumeral Biomedical (ENUM) Gets Evicted as it Winds Down Operations 8/29/2017
San Diego's Sotera Wireless Materializes From Bankruptcy With $32 Million 7/27/2017
Bankruptcy Court Approves Unilife  (UNIS)'s Asset Deals to Eliminate $40 Million+ of Debt 7/26/2017
Jawbone is Being Liquidated as Its CEO Launches New Health Startup 7/7/2017
Court Approves Halt Medical's Ch. 11 Asset Sale 6/8/2017
Colorado's FusionPharm to Liquidate and Dissolve 5/4/2017
Embattled Marathon Pharma May Shutter Operations by May 1 4/26/2017
Investors Accuse Theranos of Threatening to File for Bankruptcy If They Didn't Give Up Their Right to Sue 4/21/2017
It's Officially the End of the Road for Massachusetts Biotech Nuclea Biotechnologies 4/20/2017
Shutdown Looming: Unilife  (UNIS) Files for Chapter 11 4/12/2017
NovoSource, Inc. Heads to Bankruptcy Auction Late Spring 3/8/2017
LensAR Files for Chapter 11 With Support From PDL BioPharma (PDLI) 12/19/2016
The Only Way Troubled MannKind (MNKD) Might be Able to Avoid Bankruptcy 10/26/2016
Implant Sciences (IMX) Files for Chapter 11 With Deal to Sell to L-3 for $117.5 Million 10/12/2016
SoCal's Sotera Wireless Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy 10/10/2016
With a History of Political Corruption, Rock Creek Pharma Files for Bankruptcy 9/29/2016
SIGA (SIGA) Announces Bankruptcy Court Approval Of Transaction Under Which SIGA Will Pay PharmAthene, Inc. (PIP) Claim In Full 9/21/2016
Falcon Genomics Bankruptcy Underlines Pittsburgh Venture Capital Weakness 9/7/2016
Nonprofit Bankruptcy Leads To Destruction Of Cancer Research 8/11/2016
The People Who Made the Most Cash Off of KaloBios (KBIO)'s Bankruptcy Filing 7/21/2016
SynCardia Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy 7/6/2016
KaloBios (KBIO) Emerges from Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, Buys Tropical Disease Drug 7/1/2016
Bay Area's diaDexus Files Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Plans to Liquidate Assets, CFO to Step Down Immediately 6/14/2016
Vertellus Specialties Receives Approval Of First Day Motions Ensuring Its Ability To Operate As Usual And Uphold Its Financial Obligations Throughout Sale Process 6/2/2016
BIND Therapeutics (BIND)'s Bankruptcy Filing Worries Developers Of Nanoparticle Cancer Drugs 5/24/2016
BIND Therapeutics (BIND) Provides Update On Chapter 11 Proceedings And Announces Agreement With Hercules Technology III, L.P. 5/19/2016
Bay Area's KineMed Files for Chapter 11, Owes $1 Million+ to NIH, Gates and Others 5/16/2016
Cambridge's BIND Therapeutics (BIND) Files for Chapter 11 and Reviews Strategic Alternatives 5/3/2016
North Carolina's NephroGenex (NRX) Files for Chapter 11 and Seeks Sale 5/2/2016
SIGA (SIGA) Successfully Emerges from Chapter 11 4/13/2016
Court Approves Nuo Therapeutics's Bankruptcy Plan 3/30/2016
Palmaz Scientific Fights Fraud Charges After Bankruptcy Filing 3/18/2016
Palmaz Scientific Files for Chapter 11, Seeks Buyers for Breakthrough Technology 3/7/2016
Atherotech Diagnostics Lab Ceases Operations After 20 Years of Business 3/1/2016
Nuo Therapeutics Files for Chapter 11 1/27/2016
Martin Shkreli's Former Drugmaker KaloBios (KBIO) Files for Bankruptcy 1/4/2016
Lesson From Turing's Martin Shkreli: Pharmas Need To Walk Before They Can Talk 12/30/2015
SIGA (SIGA) Files Reorganization Plan to Exit from Bankruptcy 12/16/2015
SoCal's Laguna Shuts Down After Heart Drug Presents Unseen Safety Concerns 12/8/2015
Once Promising Bay Area KaloBios (KBIO) to Shut Down, Liquidate Assets 11/18/2015
TranS1 Emerges from Bankruptcy with Lead Product AxiaLIF 11/17/2015
Cancer Genetics (CGIX) Receives Bankruptcy Court Approval To Purchase Los Angeles-Based Response Genetics 10/2/2015
Cambridge Endo: Bankruptcy Notice Of Sale Of Assets 9/29/2015
Cambridge Endoscopic Devices Files for Chapter 11 9/8/2015
SoCal Biotech AtheroNova (AHRO) and its Subsidiary File for Chapter 11 3/3/2015
Egenix Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy 1/14/2015
Dendreon Corporation (DNDN) Heads for Bankruptcy Auction Without $275 Million Minimum Bidder 1/2/2015
Struggling Tengion Inc. Files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protection 12/30/2014
Troubled Dendreon Corporation (DNDN) Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy 11/11/2014
New York-Based SIGA Technologies, Inc. (SIGA) Files For Bankruptcy 9/17/2014
Bay Area's Affymax, Inc. (AFFY) To Dissolve 6/26/2014
Struggling Morrisville Pharma Vestiq Pharmaceuticals Files Chapter 7 Bankruptcy 5/7/2014
Signature Genomic Laboratories, LLC To Shut Doors By Mid-2014; Future Tests Halted At End Of Week 5/5/2014
MedLab Commences Voluntary Chapter 11 Proceedings 10/28/2013
Savient Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (SVNT) Files for Chapter 11, Seeks to Sell Assets for About $55 Million 10/15/2013
KV Pharmaceutical Completes Reorganization and Successfully Emerges From Chapter 11 With $375 Million Recapitalization 9/16/2013
HedgePath Pharmaceuticals Completes Reorganization Plan With Commonwealth Biotechnologies, Inc. (CBTE) 8/19/2013
Maxygen, Inc. (MAXY) Shareholders Agree to Liquidate and Dissolve the Company 8/13/2013
Maxygen, Inc. (MAXY) Announces Board Decision to Dissolve the Company 6/4/2013
Allon Therapeutics, Inc. Filing for Bankruptcy 5/30/2013
GenVec Inc. (GNVC) Board Votes to Dissolve Company 5/29/2013
Allenex AB: ONCOlog Has Filed for Bankruptcy 5/8/2013
Commonwealth Biotechnologies, Inc. (CBTE) Says It has Emerged From Chapter 11 4/18/2013
PolyMedix Inc. (PYMX.OB) of Radnor Files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protection 4/2/2013
After Bankruptcy, PRACS Institute (Formerly known as Cetero Research) Lays Off Workers 3/26/2013
Biovest International, Inc. Files for Bankruptcy 3/8/2013
Battered Helicos BioSciences Corporation (HLCS) Files for Chapter 11 11/16/2012
Myrexis, Inc. (MYRX) to Dissolve the Company and Liquidate Assets 11/13/2012
Inspiration Biopharmaceuticals Files for Chapter 11 10/31/2012
Nutra Pharma Corp. (NPHC) Faces Involuntary Bankruptcy 9/5/2012
KV Pharmaceutical Files for Chapter 11; Cites Makena Drug Woes 8/6/2012
After a Long Fight to Survive, Genta Incorporated (GETA.OB) Files for Chapter 7 8/2/2012
Biolex Therapeutics Execs Gone Before Filing for $38 Million Bankruptcy 7/9/2012
"Corrupt" Lab Practices Pushes CRO Firm Cetero Research Into Bankruptcy 3/26/2012
Neurologix, Inc. Files to Liquidate Under Chapter 7 Bankruptcy 3/19/2012
Laboratories Thissen SA Files for Bankruptcy 11/16/2011
Simulations Plus (SLP) Submits Bid in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Proceedings for Assets of Entelos, Inc. 9/20/2011
Transdel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (TDLP.OB) Files for Chapter 11, Agrees to Sell Lead Drug Candidate to Cardium Therapeutics, Inc. (CXM) 6/28/2011
Hawaii Biotech, Inc. Exits Bankruptcy 6/21/2011
Molecular Insight Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (MIPI) Announces Confirmation of Plan of Reorganization 5/9/2011
Advanced Life Sciences Holdings, Inc. (ADLS) Suspends Operations 5/6/2011
Ambrilia Biopharma Inc. Announces That it Will Seek Permission to Terminate CCAA Protection and File for Bankruptcy 4/8/2011
Peptimmune, Inc. Files Under Chapter 7 3/23/2011
Molecular Insight Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (MIPI) Accepts Alternative Transaction Proposal and Files Amended Plan of Reorganization 3/9/2011
MetaMorphix Announces Sale Under Bankruptcy Code 2/7/2011
Isis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ISIS) Spinoff Altair Therapeutics Shut Down After Mid-Stage Asthma Study Fails 2/4/2011
Angiotech Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ANPI) Announces U.S. Chapter 15 Filings in Connection with Previously Announced CCAA Proceedings 2/1/2011
Molecular Insight Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (MIPI) Faces Uncertain Future in Chapter 11 1/31/2011
Canada's Angiotech Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ANPI) to File for Bankruptcy 1/28/2011
Molecular Insight Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (MIPI) Files for Chapter 11 After Bondholders Reject $45 Million Rescue Package from Savitr Capital LLC 12/10/2010
Accentia, Inc., Biovest International, Inc. Emerges from Chapter 11 Reorganization 11/17/2010
Accentia Biopharmaceuticals (ABPI), Biovest International, Inc. Announces Confirmation of Plan of Reorganization As It Emerges From Chapter 11 10/28/2010
Surefil LLC Emerges from Chapter 11 9/23/2010
ConjuChem Biotechnologies Inc. (CJB.TO) Announces Bankruptcy Act Filing; Directors and Officers of Company Resign 7/22/2010
AutoImmune, Inc. (AIMM) Files Certificate of Dissolution and Completes Sale of Colloral LLC Business; Trading of Common Stock to Cease After June 30, 2010 7/1/2010
Neose Technologies, Inc. (NTEC) Announces Final Liquidating Distribution 6/10/2010
Exiqon A/S is Closing Down Operations at Oncotech 6/7/2010
Accentia, Inc. Files Plan of Reorganization; Restructuring Supports Plans to Advance Promising Multiple Sclerosis Therapy into Late-Stage Clinical Trial 6/1/2010
Cobalis Corp. (CLSC.PK) Files Form of Order with US Bankruptcy Court Signaling Emergence from Bankruptcy 5/26/2010
TLC Vision Corp. (TLC) Completes Financial Restructuring; Emerges From Chapter 11 as Newly Reorgnized Private Company 5/20/2010
Biovest International, Inc. Files Plan of Reorganization; Company Positioned to Emerge from Chapter 11 This Summer Fully Restructured 5/17/2010
MiddleBrook Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Files for Bankruptcy 5/3/2010
U.S. Federal Bankruptcy Court Confirms Cobalis Corp. (CLSC.OB)'s Plan of Reorganization 4/12/2010
Haemacure Corporation (HAE) Gets Canada Court OK to Sell Assets to Angiotech Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ANPI) 3/22/2010
Neuropharm Group plc to Mull Voluntary Liquidation to Return Cash 3/10/2010
AutoImmune, Inc. (AIMM) Announces Board Approval of Plan of Complete Liquidation and Dissolution 3/9/2010
Announcing the New deCODE genetics, Inc. (DCGN); Company Emerges from Bankruptcy 1/25/2010
Luna Innovations Inc. Emerges from Chapter 11 Reorganization 1/13/2010
Anesiva, Inc. (ANSV) Says to Seek Bankruptcy After Deal Fails 1/4/2010
Vion Pharmaceuticals (VION) Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy After FDA Rejects Drug 12/18/2009
Hawaii Biotech, Inc. Files for Bankruptcy 12/15/2009
deCODE genetics, Inc. (DCGN) Files Voluntary Chapter 11 Petition to Facilitate Sale of Assets 11/17/2009
Altus Pharmaceuticals Inc. (ALTU) Files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy 11/12/2009
Nyer Medical Group, Inc. (NYER) Announces Agreements to Sell Certain Eaton Apothecary Assets to Walgreens and Sell Operating Subsidiary's Stock to Investors; Nyer to Liquidate Following Transactions 10/26/2009
La Jolla Pharmaceutical Company (LJPC) to Seek Stockholders' Approval of Dissolution 10/15/2009
Altus Pharmaceuticals Inc. (ALTU) to Shut Doors; Firm to Let Go of Employees by October 9/18/2009
Protein Sciences Corporation: Bankruptcy Court Delaware Dismisses Involuntary Bankruptcy Case 9/15/2009
Neurobiological Technologies, Inc. (NTII) Board Approves Liquidation Plan 9/1/2009
La Jolla Pharmaceutical Company (LJPC) Plans Liquidation 8/5/2009
Ambrilia Biopharma Inc. to File for Creditor Protection 7/31/2009
Argolyn Bioscience, Inc.'s Final Failure; Company in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Dissolution 7/27/2009
Luna Innovations Inc. Files for Chapter 11 Reorganization 7/17/2009
Biopure Corporation (BPUR) Files Voluntary Petition for Relief Under Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code 7/17/2009
Oscient Pharmaceuticals Corporation (OSCI) Files for Bankruptcy; Sell its Antibiotic Drug Factive to Cornerstone Therapeutics Inc. Unit for $5 Million 7/14/2009
TransTech Services Partners, Inc. Shareholders Approve Plan of Liquidation; Company To Distribute Amounts in Trust 7/10/2009
Isolagen, Inc. (ILE) Announces Receipt of Interim Order from Bankruptcy Court Approving DIP Motion 6/22/2009
EDEN Bioscience (EDEN) Announces Voluntary Delisting From Nasdaq and Filing of Articles of Dissolution 6/19/2009
US Biotech Isolagen, Inc. (ILE) Files for Bankruptcy Protection 6/16/2009
Northstar Neuroscience, Inc. Announces Plan for NASDAQ Delisting and Filing of Articles of Dissolution 6/12/2009
Genaera Corporation (GENR) Board Votes to Dissolve Company 6/12/2009
Northfield Laboratories (NFLD) to Liquidate Under Chapter 11 6/2/2009
TorreyPines Therapeutics, Inc. (TPTX) Board Approves Liquidation 6/1/2009
EDEN Bioscience (EDEN) Announces Shareholders' Approval of Plan of Dissolution and Liquidation 5/21/2009
Prospect Therapeutics, Inc. Assigns All Its Assets for the Benefit of Its Creditors 5/13/2009
Northfield Laboratories (NFLD) Terminates All of its Operational and Staff Employees and Shuts Down 5/11/2009
Targeted Genetics Corporation (TGEN), Mainstay of Gene Therapy, Faces Likely Shutdown 5/8/2009
Genaera Corporation (GENR) Shutting Down; Company Announces Approval of Plan of Liquidation and Dissolution by Board of Directors 4/30/2009
PharmEng (PII.V) Unable to File Its 2008 Audited Annual Financial Statements and Closes Sydney Manufacturing Facility 4/23/2009
PharmEng (PII.V) Has Filed Notice of Intention to Make a Proposal Under the Bankruptcy & Insolvency Act (Canada) 4/15/2009
Drug Company DiObex, Inc. Shutting Down 4/8/2009
DelSite, Inc. Announces Bankruptcy Filing 4/3/2009
Codon Devices Closing As Financing Dwindles 4/3/2009
Avigen, Inc. (AVGN) Board Discontinues Strategic Merger Discussions to Develop a Plan for Liquidation 3/26/2009
Neose Technologies, Inc. (NTEC) Announces Initial Liquidating Distribution to Stockholders; Provides New Contact Information for Stockholder Inquiries 3/16/2009
Apex Bioventures Acquisition Corporation (PEX): To Seek Stockholder Approval To Liquidate and Dissolve 3/6/2009
Dynogen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Files for Bankruptcy 2/25/2009
Vanda Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (VNDA) to Fight Shareholder Liquidation Proposal 2/24/2009
AtheroGenics (AGIX) Provides Update on Bankruptcy Proceedings 1/22/2009
Akesis Pharmaceuticals Discontinues Sole Clinical Development Program and Announces Intent to File for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy 1/22/2009
Biotech Startup, Flex Biomedical Inc. CEO Says Massachusetts Exit Could be the Best Move 1/2/2009
MonoGen Inc. Announces Assignment and Filing for the Benefit of Creditors 1/2/2009
Chemokine Therapeutics Corp. (CTI.TO) Announces Intention to File a Proposal to Creditors Under Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act 12/8/2008
EDEN Bioscience (EDEN) Announces Board of Directors' Approval of Plan of Dissolution and Liquidation 12/5/2008
Introgen Therapeutics, Inc. (INGN) Files for Bankruptcy, Sees Exit in 2009 12/4/2008
'Unprecedented' Biotech Bankruptcies Erupt Amid Finance Crisis 11/21/2008
MicroIslet Inc. (MII) Announces Voluntary Reorganization Filing; Company Expects Operations to Continue as Usual 11/11/2008
Xechem International (XKEM) and Xechem, Inc. Files Chapter 11 to Protect Assets as It Addresses Financial and Legal Challenges 11/10/2008
Chad Therapeutics, Inc. (CTU) Suspends Operations 10/29/2008
Life Science Weekly inSite (Oct. 13 - 16) 10/17/2008
Carlsbad Biotech Company, Orchestra Therapeutics (OCHTZ) Files Bankruptcy 10/16/2008
Life Science Weekly inSite (Oct. 6 - 10) 10/13/2008
AtheroGenics (AGIX) Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy 10/7/2008
Mistral Pharma Inc.: The Court Approves the Proposal Filed Under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act 9/18/2008
POINT Biomedical Corporation's Vanishing Act -- What Happened? 8/27/2008
Cash or Perish, Adherex Technologies Inc. (ADH) Warns Investors 8/25/2008
Mistral Pharma Inc. Files a Proposal Under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act 8/20/2008
Immunicon Corporation (IMMC) Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy 6/11/2008
Point Therapeutics (POTP) May File for Chapter 11 2/4/2008
Synova Healthcare Inc. Files Voluntary Petition to Reorganize Under Chapter 11 12/19/2007